Age 24
Molly tho pleasant in her day
Was sudd'nly siezed and sent away
How soon shes ripe how soon shes rottin
Sent to her grave & soon forgottin.
1791 "Here Lieth Matthew Prince, Late Groom
to W. Middleton Esquire of Stockil Park.
Died June 25th 1791 aged 42 years.
All you young people that pass by
as you are now so once was I
as I am now so must you be
therefore prepare to follow me
1816 Farewell my children and husband dear
If aught on earth could keep me here
T’ would be my love foe you
But Jesus calls my soul away
Jesus forbids a longer stay
My dearest friends adieu
Age 14
No warning giv'n; unceremonious fate!
A sudden rush from life's meridian joy
A moment and the world's blown up to thee
The sun is darkness and the stars are dust
Age 83
Oh cruel death that you no warning gave
But pierced my heart and lay me in the grave
You might have shown your dread terrific look
Yet surely Christ will place me in his book
O with the Lord there's
mercy, sure am I
For Christ the saviour one vouchsafe to die
Age 27
All you that come my grave to see
As I am
now, so must you be
Prepare for death, make no delay
I in my youth, was snatcht away
Age 1
Henry dearest how I miss thee
None but hearts berest can tell
All remaining joys had bless me
Cannot this deep anguish quell
Here thy toys neglected lying
There thy empty cradle bed
Here thy little dress – Oh Henry!
Can it be that thou art dead