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April 22-2012

All the antique photographs and postcards have been moved to the
post mortem photography album galleries.
They can be viewed in 2 main categories, one for the post mortems
and one for all other old pictures.
The antique photos and postcards can still be viewed without registration
but for comments and other extra's you need to register to have acces to all
including the post mortem galleries.
We hope it's less confusing now with one registration for all galleries.

June 18-2011

A new website layout has been launced!
I hope you like it.

March 2011
First of all I want to thank all the members who contribute
 and share their interest on this homepage.
It's my passion to work on this homepage for many years now.
With all the help, contributions, compliments,
thanks and feedback from the members,
it makes me feel it's being appreciated and I'm thankfull for that.
What more motivation do you need :)

The Post Mortem photography albums are updated on regular basis.
More and more members contribute their own pictures in
the 'Member Upload' and we now have a total of more then 6000 images
in all categories.
Members have posted 8500 comments.
Recently there's a new unique layout created from the default template
 that comes with the script.
( default template link)

On the forum you can find many more pictures, info, and member contributions. Sadly because of the many spammers registrations
it's hard to tell if you have registered as a new member or as a spammer,
they are very creative withnames.
However, I'll be happy to create an account for you,
just send me a mail with the name and email adress you wantto use.
You will receive a password which can be changed after your log-in
to the forum in your control panel.

June 08- 2010
In the last weeks I've done a lot of updates.
There are many new images in the antique photo albums in
several categorie and I'm still working on more.
Also many new post mortem images.
Soon more new postcards and I added pictures from members
 in "Ancestors"Jamie Leiberg from Wisconsin,
it would be great if you could contribute some pictures from the
headstones you are working on, so we can add your info to it. has expired

New: May 05- 2010
The albums with all the children pictures in several categories
is replaced with same script we use for the post mortem albums.
The layout fits the main page.
You don't need to register for viewing and commenting,
only if you want to download the images or send an E-card.

Background music:

Zero Project - Winter Princess, from the album: Fairytale
It's from Jamendo, a royalty free site

New: April 07- 2010
Many new pictures added of children with
dolls, dogs, toys, teenagers and many more... here
You can choose "Last upload' from menu to see the new images

New: March 25- 2010
Many new images added to the post mortem photography albums.

New: March 08- 2010
You can also download Victorian Scrap with
Children and People psp tubes now.

New: March 08- 2010
A new shout/comment box.

I realy liked the other one but it turned out to be
very vulnerable and an open door for hackers.
Sadly that script is no longer supported by the developers.
Your comments are very appreciated and precious to me
so I created a list of all comments/shouts already left.
You can read them here:

New: February 3- 2010
A better quality video slide show with post mortem pictures on YouTube

New: January 31- 2010
Paint Shop Pro users can now download Victorian Scrap tubes.
Angels and Animals are available so far.

New: January 29- 2010
More then 100 new images in several categories
in the Post Mortem Photography Albums.

New: December 29- 2009
Many more Victorian fashion on page 2

New: December 16- 2009
New images added to the Flash Album
(from page 43 etc...)

New: December 16- 2009
Enjoy some Victorian fashion

Did you know ?

December 2009
New post mortem images added

October 25-2009
Click here for some Obituaries and headstone epitaphs

In Loving Memory:
If you wish, you can leave a memorial and add a candle.
See the link in the menu on the left !

Update.: More then 80 new images in the post mortem albums
 in several categories

July-6-2009 New:
 Antique Flash Album
I've been working on a flash album.
It's ready but the pictures still need some discription.
See link in menu on the left !

Some of the images on this homepage are from our own collection.,
therefore we do not claim that we are the owners of all the images.

Click here for a video slide show on YouTube