If you are interested in old photographs,
you found the right place.
On this website you can find many great images from
the 19th- and early 20th century.
Daguerreo-, Ambro- and Tintypes, Cabinet cards and CDV's,
mostly  of children but all ages are represented.
There are many old postcards and for those who like scrapbooking you can
view and download Victorian scrap as PSP tubes.
We offer much more and if you like you can become a member and
contribute your own images.
We welcome new members who have an interest in
old photographs and like to research who some of the identified
sitters are and in some cases the story behind it.
With more then six thousand Post Mortem- and related photographs
Antique Photo Album is also the largest and best source on the internet
about this type of mourning photography.

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