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The first and eldest surviving photograph was taken in 1826 by
Joseph Nicéphore Niépce
The exposure time took 8 hours.

World's oldest
daguerreotype camera auctioned and sold for almost $800.000

What is a
daguerreotype ?

In the movie Gone with the Wind, there's a bedroom scene where Scarlett is sitting in front of a mirror,
holding an ambrotype with the
image of Ashley.
When Rhett comes in she drops it on the floor and tries to hide it under her dress.

Saturday, 20th July, 1861
"My own babe was gradually and quietly fading away, like a little Angel that he was, travelling to his
Heavenly Home, where no pain, sickness, or sorrow will ever reach him."
Read the
heartbreaking diary of Anita Dwyer Withers, a young wife and mother.

World's first proffesional female photographer was Antoinette de Correvont from Paris, France.
In 1843 she opened a daguerreotype studio in Munich, Germany.

World's first human photographic portrait was taken in 1839, by
Robert Cornelius,
a Dutch chemist who immigrated to the USA.
It was a self portrait.

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