Photographs send by Maggie


Archibald John Robinson
Born May 1907, New York City, died October 1968, New York City.
This is my grandpa Archie as a small boy, probably no older than 7 or so. The little girl with the big bow is his friend, Rose Dorsey. They grew up together in the lower east side of Manhattan, in the Irish neighborhood there. Although he was sickly, my grandfather defied all odds, living to age 61, working in the NYC court system. He married my grandmother, Margaret McMinn and had 2 girls, my Aunt Mary(Robinson) Laban and my mom, Margaret( Robinson) Pulgar(1942-2009)
He died of cardiopulmonary issues and diabetes( the same things which took his daughter, my mother) in Oct of 68



My mother Margaret Mary( Robinson) Pulgar (3/32/42-5/16/09) and my aunt Mary Agnes(Robinson) Laban.
This was taken in the very early 1940's probably before my mother's 3rd birthday. Though there is no date on the pic, there is a stamp that says it was taken @ Bloomingdales portrait department.
My mother is the smaller, chubbier girl in the picture.
A very special picture to me, since my mother passed away suddenly in May of 09.